29 August 2007

I like this.

We Be Rich with Moonies!

T-Dawg with some moonies... I am waiting for the day he throws on some bling and sports a do-rag. He looks too straight to have all that moonies.

Dream Quote... Why?

"Don't let your tomorrows be too loud to disrupt with your todays."

27 August 2007

Eric Pfeiffer Table

Just perusing the internet, risdworks.com, and ran across this coffee table.
Primarily concerned with process, Eric Pfeiffer expresses the directness and purity of his chosen materials through reduction and refinement. SFMoMA snapped up four of his objects for its permanent collection within a year after he arrived on the San Francisco design scene. In 1997 The Gap tapped Pfeiffer to design its 10,000-square-foot flagship store in Tokyo. Commissions from the Pottery Barn, the San Francisco Zoo, North Face and several California wineries soon followed. Aaron Betsky, curator of Architecture and Design at SFMoMA, considers Pfeiffer “one of the most elegant and witty furniture designers” he knows and marvels at “the way he uses simple materials to create forceful and engaging forms.”

24 August 2007

Faces For Fun

I was just looking through my pictures and ran across this photo. It was taken in Buenos Aires at an open-air market. The man who did the little paintings (also did large-scale pieces) was a wonderful Argentine man... I am still recieving emails from him concerning art shows around South America.

23 August 2007

Happy Birthday Steven Berger!

Steven Berger turned 22 years old today! He currently works at Flashpoint Academy as a Special Projects Manager. One of his favorite books is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

So what should my blog be about?

I am trying to think of an overall theme for my blog... Design, Art, Food, Travel, Politics, Financial Issues... I cannot stop at one so I have decided to make my blog a hodgepodge of randomness. Good finds I may come across, useful (or useless) information that I find interesting, tidbits on lands near and far that I have been to or dream about going, quotes, profiles, recipes... I love feedback and collaboration so we can embark on this blog together! Enjoy!

Welcome to Foggy Land!

Thanks to the help of my friend Simeon Peebler, I now have my own blog!