30 June 2011

Fun Fact

Did you know that Lincoln Logs were invented by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright - John? Me neither! And they were dubbed Lincoln (Logs) in honor of his father's middle name (a name he dropped and substituted with Lloyd, his mother's maiden name). John based the design of Lincoln Logs on the architecture of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, that was - surprise, surprise, designed by his famous dad. Love random facts!

09 June 2011

How Cool are these bikes?!

Cool Hunting's email came this morning and look at what they showcased - a mahogany bike! The bike is made entirely of mahogany including frame, fork, seat, seat post, handlebars/stem combination and even rims. Built by a ninth-generation shipwright - Sueshiro Sano. How in the hell is that even possible - maybe as a piece of art - but the bike is functional as well. I am beyond impressed - so sharp!

08 June 2011

Photographer Alex Prager

Something made me want to see more when I stumbled across a couple photographs by Alex Prager - an LA-based photographer. Her work is almost retro feeling yet contemporary and I love the use of color - no surprise she was heavily influenced to pick up the camera when she saw a William Eggleston exhibit years ago. Any way, I dig her look. Thought I'd share.

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Project Pillow - Specimen One

I made a pillow for my niece, Charlotte, and I think it turned out pretty well - so darn cute!!