29 March 2011

Remarkable Beaded Necklace!

First glance this looks like a beautiful, cushy cashmere scarf but it actually is an Neon Aztec Statement Beaded Bib Necklace from Roarke New York. I love the colors and the whole look! Wonder how heavy that guy is?

Logo Ideas

Desiertos poster for NEIU

TFP Water Bottle Design

Simple new design for some H20 bottles... just picture it on a white metal carabineer bottle.

Paint Chip Wall Mural

I ran across this idea and think it is just fabulous - well, I think it's fabulous because I love anything with color! This definitely is an inexpensive way to spice up a wall without spending a fortune on a framed piece. You can buy $1.50 samples here.

25 March 2011

Microsoft VIP Brochure

Final design.

I Always Wanted a Build-In Bed

(top) A build-in reading niche by Piet Boon

(bottom) A modern bed at Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Spain.

23 March 2011

Fabulous Outdoor Eatery

I think the restaurant Cecconi's Miami Beach at the Soho Beach House designed by Martin Brudnizki is too cool. I love the diagonal teal stipe floor, mason jar lanterns, plush upholstered chairs and, mostly, the tree emerging from the dining room.

Got to Love the Old Ladies with Style

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com.

Great video about Creative Dressing from some wonderful characters...

22 March 2011

Sonia Delaunay

Really cool prints by Sonia Delaunay. She explores the relationship between words, body + movement in all her work - which is quite extensive - textiles, print, painting, stage design, etc.


The Selby photographed French Chef Inaki Aizpitarte today at home and his Parisian restaurants Le Chateaubriand and Le Dauphin. The photos are absolutely STUNNING per usual - I love that site - but the ones that stuck out were that of the vibrant foods. This dish and the oysters are so full of texture and color - I want to blow one up and hang it on my wall to stare at all day long.

Restaurant in Seattle

Sitka & Spruce looks like a great little rustic restaurant in Seattle. The picture above is that of the open kitchen - it looks like your dining outside someone's kitchen. Locally sourced fresh Northwest ingredients.

17 March 2011

Really Cool Office Space

I love the identical his and hers workstations - this is the NYC loft (home) offices of photographers Laura Resen and Cloud Devines. They designed their home with Thomas O'Brien.

15 March 2011

TFP Banner for trade shows

Banner measures 33" x 80".

10 March 2011

Whimsical Magic

National Geographic made the idea of Up - the Pixar-animated film - come to life when they created a home that could soar into clouds with the help of a few hundred (or thousand) handfuls of balloons. The concept and output is just absolutely whimsically beautiful. I'm in love. And watch the movie if you haven't - it is phenomenal!

Artist Rosa Ruey

I feel compelled to post a couple pieces by the artist Rosa Ruey. I don't know if I particularly love them but there is something about them. Very busy and almost distracting in a great way - I gravitate to them - feel as though they are very "me".

09 March 2011

Don't You Just Love This Home?

I stumbled across this home located just outside Melbourne, Australia - and by stumble, I don't mean physically, I mean cyber-ly online. It is dubbed The Richmond House and is designed by Morris Partnership. I dig the whole look + feel of this place. The lighting, the materials, the greenery, the seclusiveness yet not.

07 March 2011