31 March 2010

This Is How I Want To Work.

The Selgas Cano Architecture Office in Spain is pure perfection! Could you imagine working in such an environment? Photos taken by Iwan Baan.

29 March 2010

26 March 2010


I was just looking through New York's (M)Group's online portfolio and ran across the two kitchens below. I do not necessarily like the overall look but I do like the cabinets very much so (and it seems they do as well using them in two different kitchens - different colors). Subtle but flashy.

The Prada Store in Tokyo is Incredible!

And the architects, Herzog and deMeuron, who designed it are even more so. Research begins now.

25 March 2010

It's Funny When You Stumble On Things At Certain Times.

I more or less accidentally ran across this article on Ron Arad - who, before today, know nothing about. He is one of the most influential designers & architects of our time - based out of London - from Tel Aviv. He is known for the utilizing advanced technologies in his playful design forms. He is also a Professor of Product Design at London's Royal College of Art. He was asked what advice he gives his students and he responded (relevant to me at this certain point in my life):
It is not to try to join anything but to create themselves, and to see what it is that they want to do, and to do it. And not just join a religion or become a part of anything.
What resonates with me is that you don't have to just join something that you would like to be part of. You can be your own catalyst - I think it would be more fun that way anyway.
Above is an apartment on Place Des Vosges in Paris and Arad's "Thumbprint" chair made from stainless steel.

24 March 2010

Lamps To Make the Fins Proud.

I had to look this lamp up after walking past Haute Living on Kidzie the other day. They were on display and I wanted to pop in to find out more (more so to take a picture) but I didn't have the time or the gusto to walk into a design space and pull out my iPhone. The lamps are designed by an interior architect (naturally) by Secto Design out of Finland. I will own a couple of these in my lifetime. Love them - the pics don't even do them justice.

16 March 2010


11 March 2010

Quick Poster for Flashpoint

08 March 2010

Interestingly Perfect Studio.

Studio designed by British Architect David Adjaye. I am pretty sure I have a post somewhere on this blog of mine about David Adjaye - or it may be in my scrapbook. He is a young architect definitely making his mark at an age many (or most) do not. His work is innovative, youthful, and, simply put, just rather cool.

Nobody & Co.

This chair is perfect! Designed by .nobody&co. Represented in the US at Holly Hunt's Miami showroom.

Poster For NEIU

02 March 2010

Poster Project.

Natural Chic Home.

Ran across this house in Melbourne. Flooded with natural light - neutral palate - oak walls, concrete, white plaster and limestone compose the place. Subdued but oh so chic! Designed by Leeton Pointon Architects and Susi Leeton Architects.

Vibrant Refurbish!

I like this concept - refurbishing the old to make new, fresh and modern. I have to say, I think I am over the whole vintage look entirely (I used to dream of having a Shabby Chic/Flea Market/Anthopologie-looking place) - but this is a way to use the old in a non-dusty or sneeze-inducing way. Color Reform, a modern rug line from ABC Carpet & Home, recolors vintage Turkish rugs in unexpected hues of fuchsia, acid green and the like. I like.

01 March 2010

Lunch With Front Studio.

After posting the below entry on the book shop designed by Front Studio, I took a gander at their site and stumbled across their blog - Lunch With Front Studio. I love it! These two women architects have this blog that they update 2x daily with what they had for lunch and then around tea time with their sweet of choice. Their tagline on why they lunch: "A reminder to stop, chill, breathe in fresh air and most impostantly, EAT. Architects by profession, we're also ladies who lunch." Check it out here - Lunch With Front Studio.

I Am Obsessed with McNally Jackson Books.

How clever of a design? I love this small space and how everything is thought out so "by the books." Note how the tables snap into place on the walls and how the factory lights are hung with an array of books. Love it, love it. Designed by Front Studio (NY).

Presidential Suite at NY's Surrey Hotel

Recently renovated by Rottet Studio.