23 April 2010



Another Beautiful Creation in France... Part Spa, Part Hotel.

La Reserve Ramatuelle in Ramatuelle, France. Clean. Refreshing. I just want to let out a sigh...

Strikingly Modernly Beautiful... I Want To Go Now.

casadelmar in Corsica, France looks amazing. Designed by Jean-Francois Bodin.

20 April 2010

Steel Case The Windows.

I am not quite sure what the allure of steel-cased windows & doors is but it is as if I am drawn to them. I love the look - industrial but not harsh. Vincent Van Duysan's own Belgium townhome shown above.

19 April 2010

Quote of the Day.

So, I just called to make a reservation at Tocco in Chicago and got their answering machine. Bruno, the owner, leaves you with (in a thick Italian accent): Good Wine, Good Food & Good Shoes Make Your Life Better. I wouldn't disagree!

07 April 2010