06 August 2012

The Arts at NEIU 2012-2013 Booklet

View the entire booklet here.

03 August 2012

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31 July 2012

11 June 2012

Augmented Reality Marker for Steelcase

{ above } iPad application button

Tribeca Flashpoint Academy Graduation 2012 Materials

Click here to download program booklet.

01 June 2012

Save the Date - Bachelorette Party

Whipped this up for a friend of mine at work...

25 May 2012

Colorful Patterning

Portland, Maine-based artist Joe Kievitt’s abstract works are what he describes as “drawings with ink and acrylic on paper.” I call it colorful patterning at its best. He uses tape that he cuts at various widths with a custom-made tool to isolate areas for ink and paint washes to be applied. The patterns in each piece are perfectly imperfect (which happens to be my favorite kind). The asymmetrical works are done by hand and become an anxiety-ridden process due to working with unforgiving mediums such as ink and liquid paint. The outcome, however, is well worth it.

{ all photos + text via Design Milk }

07 May 2012

Save the Date for Kate + Josh

Another Save the Date design...

29 March 2012

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19 March 2012


10 February 2012

18 January 2012

If I Ever Go to Copenhagen, I Know Where I'm Going...

Restaurant Radio was highlighted on Remodelista today and I couldn't help but repost it because (a) I love their aesthetic, (b) I love their vision + purpose, and (c) the food looks amazing!

The restaurant is owned by "gastronomic entrepreneur" Claus Meyer, who has a bevy of sustainable farms and restaurants in the Nordic world. Additionally, he serves as host of "New Scandinavian Cooking" - a food and travel series targeting an international audience. Meyer believes that eating more vegetables and less meat is a precondition for health and a sustainable future, and refers to this attitude as "hedonistic sustainability."

Not an innovative idea, just plain smart.

Design: Collaboration between Graphic Designer Christina Meyer Bengtsson and the young Danish design firm HolmbackNordentoft
Floors: Douglas Fir treated with White Soap + Lye from Danish Company Dinesen
Slab Chairs by Tom Dixon
Flatware: Normann Copenhagen
Chandelier: Moooi

05 January 2012

Winter Project - Wall Installation

I ran across this really cool idea from ixxi - a modular connecting system for large wall installations. I am going to take this idea and make my own large wall mural this winter. I just need to find the right image. Will keep you posted on progress and the final result...

28 December 2011

What Fun Furniture!

I love how creative + whimsical this furniture line by UK designer Stuart Melrose is!

23 December 2011

Recognize the Work, Never Knew the Artist

I was just putting together a holiday card for the ole boyfriend's sister when I ran across the artist Robert Motherwell. I recognize his pieces but never knew him by name so I did a little googling. Motherwell is an American painter, printmaker and editor. He was one of the youngest of the New York School (a phrase he coined), which also included Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Philip Guston. Now I am not going to copy and paste the whole wikipedia entry - you can read it here. I am just going to post a few pieces of his work. Enjoy!

Elegy to the Spanish Republic (Basque Elegy), 1967 | Oil on Canvas

The Little Spanish Prison, 1941-44 | Oil on Canvas

Black for Mozart, 1991 | Lithograph Printed in Colors with Collage

22 December 2011

12 December 2011

Quote - Albert Einstein

08 December 2011

Tied with a Bow Necklace by Mary Mowry Design

Great gift idea! Purchase a Tied With A Bow necklace by December 15th and receive guaranteed free shipping by Christmas! Email mary@marymowry.com for more information.

01 December 2011

foggyland - project idea

I think this is a cool idea for a wall installation over a couch or something. Would have to find really big feathers though!