23 December 2011

Recognize the Work, Never Knew the Artist

I was just putting together a holiday card for the ole boyfriend's sister when I ran across the artist Robert Motherwell. I recognize his pieces but never knew him by name so I did a little googling. Motherwell is an American painter, printmaker and editor. He was one of the youngest of the New York School (a phrase he coined), which also included Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Philip Guston. Now I am not going to copy and paste the whole wikipedia entry - you can read it here. I am just going to post a few pieces of his work. Enjoy!

Elegy to the Spanish Republic (Basque Elegy), 1967 | Oil on Canvas

The Little Spanish Prison, 1941-44 | Oil on Canvas

Black for Mozart, 1991 | Lithograph Printed in Colors with Collage

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