25 November 2008

12 November 2008

Suzanne Long

"The inspiration for the series Figures with Candy is locomotion both physical and mental. Commuting back and forth to work, when Public Transportation can also be the most private mental space, whether reading a book on the train or listening to music on the bus, looking out the window daydreaming. That suspended time when the past can mingle with the present... summer days watching little league games with a nickel Sugar Daddy sticking your teeth together, a smuggled Bazooka at the bottom of your school bag just waiting for the end of day bell to ring, the slow meditation of eating a Tootsie Pop anticipating the pop being so thin that you can no longer resist biting through it to the tootsie, the sound of Junior Mints rattling in the box like music. How memories accompany us, shadow us through our days and how the echoes of them can be heard when we’re quite enough to listen. I build using the coil method I use a low fire .06 buff clay. The candy pieces are also built in clay but painted with acrylics, everything is hand rendered and sealed with a wax medium. "

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05 November 2008


Election 2008 - Note From Howard A. Tullman

If all of life is theatre, we saw the best show on Broadway last night. No matter how you voted, I hope you can stand back today and see and even marvel at the amazing thing that has happened. An African-American was elected as the next President of the United States. We have said to the world that anything is possible in America. Mr. Obama's victory makes it even more likely that it could be a woman, or a Jew or a Muslim, or a gay American. As long as it's the most capable human being for the time, why not? Given the rich fabric of our nation's melting pot, if we can't call on the brightest and the best, we're not leveraging our unique greatness. When I was born, it was radical to consider the election of a Roman Catholic. My grandmother talked about colored people. When I was in high school, women didn't have executive positions at big corporations. My daughters simply can't imagine the world was this way. Bias hasn't ended in America, but it's on the retreat. No matter what your views are of Jesse Jackson, he was on the porch with Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was shot and his tears last night moved us all. As Donna Brazile, as tough a lady as there is in politics, broke while talking about Mr. Obama giving his inaugural address from the Capitol steps that slaves built, my mouth hung open. If you have any doubts about what a good and decent man John McCain is, and if you want to know how to handle defeat graciously, please listen to his concession speech. And Mr. Obama's acceptance speech made me proud to be an American, even though he wasn't my original choice for President. We haven't had such an orator since President Reagan and before that President Kennedy, and I think a little oratory is good for the soul. Today, excited by a sense of optimism and newness, I hope we can work across the aisles to solve our country's and planet's troubling issues. Acute partisanship has led us to the brink of disaster. Our absence from the world stage has left a vacuum. The world needs America front and center. Today I will pray for Mr. Obama, for wisdom, for courage, for strength, for stamina, and for his safety. Please join me.

A Little Note From the Republican Mother :)

To My loved ones who voted for Obama. Congratulations. Let us all pray that Mr. Obama is for real and has a solid plan for change to keep the United States from harms way. I AM CONFIDENT THAT GOD HAS a plan with all of us in mind and He will keep us safe and open our hearts to remember to be thankful for and never forget our freedom. This is an amazing achievement for a man with so little experience. I admire his ability to stay even tempered and focused, therefore I remain true to my belief that God has a plan. His eagerness to address the many challenges the U.S.A. faces is comforting and hopefully the country WILL UNITE AND WORK TOGETHER. We have to. Not as Republicans or Democrats, but as AMERICANS. May God bless Mr.Obama and give him the STRENGTH AND WISDOM to lead our great country with honesty and integrity. Peace and prosperity to all. Love, Mary

03 November 2008

Matthew Woodson

Matthew Woodson was born and raised in rural southern Indiana. He graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in early 2006. He still lives in Chicago in an apartment full of hardwood floors and taxidermy, with an unapologetically vocal cat and a dog that is skinnier than the grain.

Ghostco (gôst-kô) n.00 within the company of the deceased01 an organization of the non-existent02 a "tag" used by the author at an adolescent age in acts of petty vandalism.