05 November 2008

A Little Note From the Republican Mother :)

To My loved ones who voted for Obama. Congratulations. Let us all pray that Mr. Obama is for real and has a solid plan for change to keep the United States from harms way. I AM CONFIDENT THAT GOD HAS a plan with all of us in mind and He will keep us safe and open our hearts to remember to be thankful for and never forget our freedom. This is an amazing achievement for a man with so little experience. I admire his ability to stay even tempered and focused, therefore I remain true to my belief that God has a plan. His eagerness to address the many challenges the U.S.A. faces is comforting and hopefully the country WILL UNITE AND WORK TOGETHER. We have to. Not as Republicans or Democrats, but as AMERICANS. May God bless Mr.Obama and give him the STRENGTH AND WISDOM to lead our great country with honesty and integrity. Peace and prosperity to all. Love, Mary

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