29 December 2010

Clean kitchen

I like the look of this kitchen - it's clean and simple and modern but I don't think it's stark. Cabinets are by Arclinea with quartz countertops. Lovely.

I will have a bedroom like this...

I love everything about it, really...

Promo Poster for Rahm Emanuel

18 December 2010

NoMI Flower Box

Was at NoMI last night for dinner - yum! what an absolutely fantastic meal - one of my life's best! Reason for posting though is their salt/pepper container on the table was too cute and clever. Inside are 6 containers were they housed 3 different kinds of both salt and pepper. I love it! Made by Ercuis-Raynaud - the Hommage Flower Magix Box.

09 December 2010

Stunning Chapels in Finland

These Finnish chapels make you want to go pray - they are so simple and stunning. The portable chapel (top) is called Lilja Chapel of Silence by Vesa Oiva. St. Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel (bottom) is in Turku, Finland - designed by Sanaksenaho Architects. Beauty!

08 December 2010

Interesting Use of Copper Plates


I stumbled across this reverse glass painting while looking for a Madeline Weinrib fabric swatch and became instantly obsessed. I think it is uniquely beautiful. It is by Cassandria Blackmore... one more thing to wish for. Ugh.

06 December 2010

MASHstudios in Venice

MASHstudios create some really unique, modern furniture - Clean. Simple. I like! They do residential, commercial (office + retail) - including glassware.

Adorable Art Prints.

I want these but yet again they may be too cutesy... so French and so cute though! If I decide... they are on etsy.

Customizable Swedish Furniture

I think this is a lovely concept - and they are all very clean and cool looking. Zweed - in Stokholm.

Cute posters - girl power :)

Available at mySwitcheroo.com

01 December 2010

A slab of wood makes a beautiful island

Ran across this look from the home of Dwell founder Lara Hedberg Deam - think it is unusual and super cool.

tribeca flashpoint seal

The new official seal of the school...


"you should never be ashamed of anything that makes you happy" (...as I was watching an interview with Regina Specktor... how fitting)