25 February 2010

New Email From Flashpoint.

You can view it here.

Funky Traditional.

I like this look - the bold use of color. The bold photography. The low-hanging frames. Yet it all seems traditional as well. A quirky traditional mess.

24 February 2010

Chunky So Cute.


Stainless Steel & Green.

I like the juxtaposing look. Here: industrial stainless steel mixed in with almost a country estate kind of feel with the green and the pedestaled urn outside French doors.

22 February 2010

Pretty Sure This Is What Living Looks Like.

How unbelievable would it be to call a place like this 'home'? Above is a cliff-side house in Costa Rica designed by Victor Canas. Sure does take in the Pacific panorama - you can see Nicaragua in the distance.

Portfolio Design: Phase I

Check it out here.

19 February 2010

I Like The Look.

Interior Designer Frédéric Méchiche's bedroom in Paris.

18 February 2010

16 February 2010

Noirish, Hipster Interiors by Roman & Williams

This is a project by Roman & Williams for the 211 Elizabeth Street building in Nolita. I dig the use of the high-gloss black paint and the interior use of glass (walls and doors). The bathroom, yet, is still a breath of fresh air (white) amidst all the darkness.

12 February 2010

Unbelievable Table Design.

A friend of mine introduced me to BarberOsgerby - amazing and rigorous design work! This is the IRIS table made from machined aluminum. Each component is anodised individually to create a unique color spectrum. The colors on this table are very much me.

Kelly Wearstler Is Pretty Bold & I Like It.

I love Kelly Wearstler's aesthetic... it is so bold but done without overdoing it. Above are a couple photos from her redesign of the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. Love how the striped ceiling brings intimacy but in a light refreshing way. You usually equate intimacy with dark coves - I always think of materially-rich, fires-a-blazin' kind of places. This is the antithesis of sorts... breath of fresh air!


Same concept as the pure bedroom below but using dark, muted tones. This Northern CA bedroom is designed by Erin Martin - once again, love the lighting. I am curious as to what the two squares are used for on either side of the bed...


This is a bedroom at the Casa Angelina in Amalfi. So clean. I love the light peeking through the ceiling and the angular lacquered wooden flooring. Oh, how you can do so much with white.

11 February 2010

Year of the Tiger.

In peaceful tranquility quiet your mind, then empty and erase your mind of thoughts. Written by the grand master and doctor Mu Wee Dang at the age of 91.
This Sunday marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which according to traditional astrology will mark the beginning of twelve months of contemplation, sensitivity and prosperity.

10 February 2010

Designer & Architect Greta Magnusson Grossman

This elegant, pared down decor by the Swedish-American designer was based on her belief that, "modern furniture is a growth, progressing out of the needs of contemporary living. It's not a superimposed style, but an answer to our present conditions...It has developed out of our preferences for living in a modern way."

09 February 2010

Interior Sparseness.

I love the look of the white prints in the hallway. Minimal Intentionionism... that made-up word sounds about right, no?

08 February 2010

start fresh. start anew.

I decided I am going to get going on my website subeternal.com. I do not quite know what I am going to use it for... probably a graphic design showcase to start. My intention is to have it evolve into my company's (yes, with a tax ID number and some sort of revenue generation) digital face someday but what that company will be... only time will tell. I am going for stark and minimal. I need to dumb things down to the simplest form because I can get swept away with all that is out there. Incorporating only the necessary.

Quick Little Project.

07 February 2010

something to keep.

They Make Me Smile.

05 February 2010

04 February 2010

Quote of the Day

"Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken."

A Plant Wall Piece?

Cool idea from Flora Grubb in San Francisco - called a "Vertical Garden."

03 February 2010

A Place I Wouldn't Mind To Call Home. Maybe On A Smaller Scale.

Great Little Piece.

This would be so fun either in a restaurant or as a little nook in the kitchen... love it.

Chair I Like.

Poster for NEIU

Poster for Flashpoint