12 November 2008

Suzanne Long

"The inspiration for the series Figures with Candy is locomotion both physical and mental. Commuting back and forth to work, when Public Transportation can also be the most private mental space, whether reading a book on the train or listening to music on the bus, looking out the window daydreaming. That suspended time when the past can mingle with the present... summer days watching little league games with a nickel Sugar Daddy sticking your teeth together, a smuggled Bazooka at the bottom of your school bag just waiting for the end of day bell to ring, the slow meditation of eating a Tootsie Pop anticipating the pop being so thin that you can no longer resist biting through it to the tootsie, the sound of Junior Mints rattling in the box like music. How memories accompany us, shadow us through our days and how the echoes of them can be heard when we’re quite enough to listen. I build using the coil method I use a low fire .06 buff clay. The candy pieces are also built in clay but painted with acrylics, everything is hand rendered and sealed with a wax medium. "

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