25 March 2010

It's Funny When You Stumble On Things At Certain Times.

I more or less accidentally ran across this article on Ron Arad - who, before today, know nothing about. He is one of the most influential designers & architects of our time - based out of London - from Tel Aviv. He is known for the utilizing advanced technologies in his playful design forms. He is also a Professor of Product Design at London's Royal College of Art. He was asked what advice he gives his students and he responded (relevant to me at this certain point in my life):
It is not to try to join anything but to create themselves, and to see what it is that they want to do, and to do it. And not just join a religion or become a part of anything.
What resonates with me is that you don't have to just join something that you would like to be part of. You can be your own catalyst - I think it would be more fun that way anyway.
Above is an apartment on Place Des Vosges in Paris and Arad's "Thumbprint" chair made from stainless steel.

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