19 October 2007

Mom's Words to Live By

"All power is a trust. We are accountable for its exercise. From people and for people all power springs, and all must exist."
-Benjamin Disraeli
The sun is power. It warms, and it burns, it feeds the plants without which we could not live. Yet, for all its power, the sun cannot make so much as a rainbow by itself. For that, it needs the rain, at just the right time and angle.No matter how strong we are - or smart or talented or attractive - we realize our full power only by filtering it through others. Our most meaningful achievements are born of combined efforts. Even when we do something that feels like ours alone - paint a painting, win an award, and hit a home run - there is always a constellation of friends and family and teachers, even enemies, who've been a part of our success.Like the rain's part in the rainbow, the contributions of others do not detract from our achievements, but enhance them and bring them to their fullest light.

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