05 December 2007

Grace is Gone

Saw a screening of the new movie "Grace Is Gone," starring John Cusack last night at the Midwest Film Festival (held every month at the Landmark Century Theatre in Chicago). It is a very touching story about a father who cannot bear to tell his two young daughters that their mother has been killed in the Iraq war. The storyline is simple and there is a slow quality about the movie but it does a great job of depicting the everyday man dealing with the grievances that come with war. Although the mother was killed in the war, the movie is not about war, but rather the lives back home and the whole concept of life and death in general. Tear jerker indeed.
Synopsis: Grace Is Gone is a film starring John Cusack as a father who does not want to tell his two daughters that their sergeant mother has died in Iraq. Desperate to delay telling the children they embark on a spontaneous road trip. The farther they drive the closer they become yet Stanley knows he must face the inevitable task of changing their lives forever.

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