08 April 2008

Reinventing The Allure of Bohemian Charm...

Saw some of Karen Zambos' designs this weekend and was absolutely in love... so up my alley! Googled her and discovered she reigns from Chicago! (...obviously got out of the Windy City to pursue fashion but from here none the less!) I have to say I dislike the whole "BOHO" element in design, but, to tell you the truth, it is what I am most drawn to. (and when I say dislike, I mean the fact that it is completely overused, not the actual look...) I love the looks of her design and it's nice to read about someone who hops around from one thing to another... various ventures all pertaining to design. (She started off with belts, then went to clothing, then rounded it out with another accessories line...) I hope to be writing/blogging about myself and my many ventures in a few years time. (I should say I cannot wait instead of hope... I cannot wait to start blogging about my various design ventures!!!)

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