25 March 2008


Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912–1988) Eames were American designers, married in 1941, who worked and made major contributions in many fields of design including industrial design, furniture design, art, graphic design, film and architecture.

I have to say I was BLOWN AWAY by the sheer impact this couple had on the world of design. I initially looked up the chair that they are famous for - thinking that was their only shining accomplishment - but in all reality, that was only an ounce, a minute fraction, of their collection of beautiful work. Not only are they known for furniture, but numerous other facets of work. It makes me think of the idea of having an artistic eye in one design field truly translates to all other fields - it is not like if you are able to visualize something spacially interior-wise, you wouldn't be able to design layout for a small print project. Design can seep into every aspect of your life... and clearly it did for the Eames.

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