17 March 2008

Succulents 101: HAWORTHIA

Haworthia is a large genus of succulents from South Africa. They are characterized by a small 2-lipped white flowers. They are all rosette shaped succulents, although some have rather grassy leaves. Some can add leaves until they are somewhat columnar, while other remain as flat rosettes. Some have translucent 'windows' at the end of their leaves, and some of the photosynthesis occurs inside the leaf that is filled with a translucent jelly. The nomenclature of Haworthia is continuously changing, fueled by how different clones of the same plant can look as a function of their growing conditions, and also fueled by the ease with which many species interbreed. Haworthia need light shade to shade to grow well. They like a regular watering in summer and they should be kept drier in winter. There are many variations in their watering needs depending if they are originally coming from a area with rains in summer or in winter. Incorrect watering often result in the plant losing its roots. The plant doesn't look very healthy and feels loose when touched. The plant should be removed from its soil. The root are should be cleaned, and then the plant needs to be set in a pot with new soil.
Art by Lawrence Loucka

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Julie said...

OK...now you got me! Alright...I'm coming clean...I love all succulents! I really love Haworthia also! Hee hee hee! This one you show is particularly nice, I think...I nearly bought one the other day and then I chickened out for lack of space!