17 March 2008

Succulents 101: AEONIUM

Aeonium like many other succulent plants are sometimes called Hens and Chicks. The form green rosettes on the end of stalks, followed by lots of little 'chicks'. The green rosettes have red edging and a hint of cream in the middle. The leaves generally measure 1 - 2 inches across. The creamy centers seem more pronounced in winter. These tough succulent plants slowly form one foot clumps with aerial roots dangling down to the soil. When these pretty succulents bloom, they form tall stalks with small yellow flowers. Aeonium plants are easily propagated by cutting off a stalk and replanting the top sprig. The whole sprig can be put in the ground as is, or you can break up the leaves and spread them around.

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Julie said...

I have an aeonium fascination! I am cautiously watching a huge one I own right now, called Bronze Tea Cup! It is so pretty with eggplant colored leaves. You can have a look at it on my blog...come over and visit!