11 March 2008

Kaufmann House - Palm Springs

The Kaufmann House in Palm Springs was designed by architect Richard Neutra in 1946. I have seen this iconic home before but never took the time to look it up... and to tell you the truth, what I am drawn to design-wise these days have shifted to a more modern aesthetic, so now I am enamored by this home, but maybe a few years back, I would have floated right past it. Anyway, as I was reading about the design elements, architect, etc., I realized that the house was commissioned by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water original owners. Could you imagine being the forerunners of such fantastic pieces of art/architecture? Without the Kaufmanns (Edgar the father being a Pittsburgh department store tycoon), there may not be a Falling Water or Kaufmann House - what a wonderful legacy/gift to leave behind just as aficionados for the world at large.

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