10 March 2008

JADE - How simple a business can be...

Succulent was conceived one afternoon while actress Samantha Mathis and interior designer Ryann Davis were having tea. Looking for environmentally conscious ideas for her landscaping, Samantha came upon thousands of beautiful varieties of succulent plants, 'neglectable plants,' that need little care or water. Discussion expanded into how wasteful, and how much money is spent, on cut flower arrangements that simply die in a matter of days. Why not create flora arrangements with these beautiful, luscious plants that live? Succulent, a Flora Design Firm, was born.

Succulent's vision is to offer a green alternative to traditional cut-floral design, by using locally grown, pesticide-free succulents, planted in soil, to provide a renewable source of the natural beauty of flara, without harmful processes. Their hope is to inspire our customers to make educated consumer choices: to know more about where their purchases come from, what impact they have on communities, and to spend their dollars more thoughtfully, to experience renewed values while encouraging simplicity.

They believe that going green is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, and that green actuallly IS the new luxury.

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